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What they say about Kay McFall and Ghost Dog Ranch

"I am a better rider after every lesson with Kay. She has been patient, consistent and encouraging. I wanted to work through the fear I had after coming off my horse. It had grown to the point that I couldn't enjoy myself. After working with Kay these past months I feel a growing confidence in my own abilities. Her style of horsemanship is fair to the horse and instructs the rider in effective communication methods so that a partnership can grow." Donna W.


" Not only was Kay always prompt and professional, she
was able to communicate with and allay my geldings fear of trailering
with the utmost ease. She was patient with helping me to identify and
alleviate my own fears about trailering. I am now confident to haul
my gelding anywhere and I owe it all to Kay. If any horse issues
arise, Kay McFall will be the first person I call." Abbie J.


I found Kay by luck. After much searching among the local horse community for a trainer who was willing to work with my filly at my farm, I was about to give up. It seemed that no one had anything good to say about anyone and it became clear that none of the trainers would come out to my place to train anyway. Kay had put up a flyer advertising her training services at my vet’s office. The vet staff told me she was a very nice lady so I took a chance and gave her a call. I’m very glad that I did. Kay has exceeded my expectations. My filly has a very large “thinking” side of her brain that has presented some unusual training challenges. I know that these challenges would have severely frustrated trainers I’ve had in the past. Kay has the patience, temperament and intuition to allow my filly the time to figure out her lessons without getting bored with them. She also is working with me, not just to include me in my filly’s training, but to help me get past residual fear from a riding accident that I had several years ago. I’m sure that I’ve been more of a challenge than my filly. Kay has become a friend as well as a trainer and my filly and I have total trust in her.
Laurie Jensen, Dripping Springs, Texas

"Bringing Whysper and Issa into my family, was a 30 year dream come true. I had horses as a young girl and was always around them until my adulthood. After a critical riding accident and coming to the conclusion I needed help, I got in touch with Kay McFall. Her Natural Horsemanship program helped both my horses and I overcome our fear and brought a new trust into our relationship. I did get back in the saddle, thanks to Kay. I will continue to use her techniques and look forward to learning much more from her in the future."
Jalna Carey, Wimberley, TX

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Contact: Kay at Ghost Dog Ranch, 300 Hillview Trail, Dripping Springs, Texas 78620, phone: 512-507-3498, email